Archive | November 27, 2011

What to say…?

I want to say or write something but then nothing comes out in my mind. My brain seems not working though I want to write something. The ideas in my mind are limited and my vocabulary are scarce. Oh My!

I admit I’m not a good writer but I admire those people who could write and express what they feel and see around, which inspires me to write something also and create a blog. (aside from being bored and want to make use of my time while lurking on blog sites). 🙂

It has been several weeks ago after I signed in. I was thinking of a topic to post but I couldn’t make a piece. I was apprehensive somehow, that as a newbie I cannot achieve to make a good blog. Eventually, I came across to an idea that a blog does not necessarily confine to a piece of writing only, it comes in all shapes and subject (like display of  pictures, breaking news, commentary or a journal of a troubled soul).

Well, thanks to that! At last, I was able to open my ideas with some possible topic to post in my blog. 🙂