Archive | December 4, 2011

Why do we need to erase?

While holding these stuffs I was thinking why they were created. How they are important to us? Although I have this question in my mind, whoever has the thought of creating these was a real genius and might as well has the idea that it is innate for every human to commit mistake even in a simple task. Ideally, these stuffs which serves its purpose has an implication to human life.

In our everyday life, we make or commit mistakes (intentional or unintentional) and the difficult part is to ask for forgiveness to someone we hurt, and correct the mistakes that we did.

But the question is, “How open is someone hurt to forgive and forget our mistakes?”

Someone has said: “You are forgiven and yet I cannot forget!”

A broken relationship due to someone’s mistakes is difficult to bring back. We always keep track of the grievances that sometimes the hindrance to continue the previous one.

In erasing the mistakes we made in our paper works, we make sure that it disappears, and no one can see it, more on if we input the corrections.

 Likewise, in dealing with someone who hurt us, it will be better if we also use our “symbolic eraser”  that will help us to move on.

 The result is beneficial! It will clear all the grievances stored in our heart and help us live a peaceful mind. 🙂