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“ Getting grey hairs? Celebrate! Your getting wiser.”

“My idea usually come not at my desk writing but in the midst of living”
-Anais Nin

This is the inspiring quotation I noted after I posted my fourth topic.

Exactly true! Ideas flow everywhere.

A lot of things to see that can be an ideal topic. But wait a minute! Speaking of an ideal topic, just this morning while riding on a taxi going to the office I saw the above title in a Billboard posted near the street.

Enticing words! I pause a while and thought the meaning behind the lines. Though this has something to do with the products they endorse, for me it has something that reminded the past.

I was 30 years old then and a friend’s sister saw a white strand of hair from my head, and she said; “Eww! You got a grey hair now, your already old!’’ I got irked of course, who wants to be called an old lady, anyway! I was single then, and quite apprehensive when it comes to age matter. Teasing and name-calling comes after that. An elderly woman interrupted our conversation. She said, “Don’t deny your age and don’t be ashamed. You must be thankful, you were blessed with longer life. Imagine a newborn baby who died? He did not see the world, and enjoy the beauty of life.” We were speechless when the woman left our place and those words were enough for us to understand.

For many, especially those who reach the maturity, denied their exact age. Maybe out of insecurities. Which I precisely felt then. I was 30 years old, getting older and still single. I was worried, of course. Despite of that I still believe that the right man for me will come in the right time, which actually happened. 🙂

In life’s reality, no one can defy the increasing age. Grey hairs, wrinkled skin and soggy muscles will inevitably show-up as a sign of old age. Most likely, it is common to think that ideas of getting older to some people are unacceptable. Thinking of physical changes on their body worried them. And trying to preserve their youthful look, they resort to aesthetic surgeries and expensive beauty products which can only diminished the unwanted aspects of the body but cannot totally change.

But to some, reaching to this prime age is the most precious phase of their life. It is amazingly wonderful to reach a longer life where someone has enjoyed and experienced, savored on the blessings of our creator and successfully surpass life’s intricate journey.

So, are you having grey hairs? Celebrate!

“The beauty of young men is their power, and the splendor of old men is their gray-headedness.” – Proverbs 20:29

Vacation (Cancelled)

First week of January, I filed a vacation for July (summer vacation). Everyone in the family was excited, especially the children. My youngest even boasted to his teacher that we will have vacation to the Philippines and the teacher nodded smilingly at him. I made an early booking for a round trip ticket to avail the lower fare. We made plans and itineraries. Made a list of goods and gifts to purchase for the relatives in the Philippines. Lastly, I already confirmed my appointment to the hospital for my “Executive Check-up”. So, everything was set.

Yesterday, a colleague approached at my table and handed to me a paper and said; “Make me an LPO and issue the ticket.” When I read the booking, I was disgusted. He is also leaving on he same month! Departure on first week of July and return on September. He will spend two months vacation, and I cannot have my own. 😦

Before I made my booking, I told him my plan. He said that I am not allowed to file a leave on this month, as the bosses will leave for summer vacation and a lot of work to do before that. But, I still pursue my plan as I know that they will be out of the country once I leave.

We are five staff in our department and one is my boss. This guy and I have a common task, and we cannot both file a leave. He is superior to me so I consider his approval aside from my boss approval. Now, out of the blue, he has this booking pop out in front of me. I was so angry to the point of cursing him silently. So, he has this hidden agenda why he blocked my vacation!

The planned vacation was cancelled and the children have no idea about it. They are still excited. My youngest said that he is going to buy special gift for “Mama and Papa Gang”, my sister and brother in-law who takes care of them 2 years ago when I left them in the Philippines. My eldest said that he is looking forward to meet their cousins and bring them toys. Now, everything was cancelled.

I hope they will understand once I told them… and we will just look forward on the next summer vacation.

Best Weather for Me!

Winter time in Doha, the wind is gentle and chilly. Thanks for this season the weather is enjoyable, chance to relax from the miserable scorching heat in this country.

While walking along the Corniche (seaside park), I noticed flowers that seems to me is happily dancing with the gentle blow of the wind. I feel the sudden desire to take a photo of them. It’s nice and beautiful!

I am in this country for almost 5 years and yearly I am always looking forward for winter season to come. I even prayed that there should be no more summer, and dreamed that the whole year should only have winter season (which I doubt would happen) 🙂

Like these flowers, I also feel blooming every time the wind started to get cooler. I feel refresh, relax and energetic. 🙂

I can enjoy walking and playing outside which I cannot do during the peak summer heat. I take the pleasure of feeling the gentle winds blowing to my face. Refresh my mind with the calm beauty of the sea, and the amazing blue sky feisty with flying birds.

 Ohh..! The beauty of nature.. makes me remember King David’s song; “How many of your works are.. Oh God, All of them in wisdom you have made.” Psalm 104:24