Archive | January 11, 2012

Best Weather for Me!

Winter time in Doha, the wind is gentle and chilly. Thanks for this season the weather is enjoyable, chance to relax from the miserable scorching heat in this country.

While walking along the Corniche (seaside park), I noticed flowers that seems to me is happily dancing with the gentle blow of the wind. I feel the sudden desire to take a photo of them. It’s nice and beautiful!

I am in this country for almost 5 years and yearly I am always looking forward for winter season to come. I even prayed that there should be no more summer, and dreamed that the whole year should only have winter season (which I doubt would happen) 🙂

Like these flowers, I also feel blooming every time the wind started to get cooler. I feel refresh, relax and energetic. 🙂

I can enjoy walking and playing outside which I cannot do during the peak summer heat. I take the pleasure of feeling the gentle winds blowing to my face. Refresh my mind with the calm beauty of the sea, and the amazing blue sky feisty with flying birds.

 Ohh..! The beauty of nature.. makes me remember King David’s song; “How many of your works are.. Oh God, All of them in wisdom you have made.” Psalm 104:24