While I was sitting in my work station fronting my computer, I read blogs from Word Press. I admire the writers. I am sure they are  popular bloggers as can be seen on their blogsites. Another one is the funny cartoon blog which perk up my day everytime I open his site. These gives me an idea to join ‘though I knew blogging is not my cup of tea… maybe it’s worth a try and there’s no harm in trying . 🙂

I am  Asian, working and residing here inMiddle East. I am an internet surfer but am not a slacker :-)… reading news, entertainment gossips, and even odd news are my pastime in this sooo… boring place! As I said,, I’m not a slacker, only that work loads comes only from time to time, and away from “keeping my nose in the grind store.”   🙂

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  1. Thank you for subscribing to my site and i’ll call back to see how your getting on.
    During the day look around and think of things you can write about.
    A few tips, remove the 2nd search button and the bottom category button you have two of each.
    The about page is important to write and let people know a little about you and what your want to blog about, visit mine and others to get a feel for it.
    Edit hello world and send to trash.
    Hope you don’t mind, Harry

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