The Loss of the Little Darlings


Tragic incidents happened and cannot be avoided and the pain of losing love ones because of this sometimes hard to accept.

I’ve heard the news about these OSLO massacre, Tsunami disaster in Japan, Fire at a grocery store in my own country that killed numbers of staff, car accident in Qatar that killed several Hamad Hospital’s nurses  and so many others. These were the news that I just heard and little attention to pour, though I sympathize with the losses.

But this incident that happened last Monday (28 May) 10 am Qatar Time, is the most tragic for me that affected me so much. The fire in a mall that takes the lives of 19 people (14 children and 5 adult).


I’m in tears reading the news and looking at the pictures of those parents, and member of families crying in pain as they waited outside the mall. I can feel the anguish that they felt while thinking about their little darlings burned inside.

  I can’t imagine how these little tots struggled trying to look for an exit and ask help to save themselves from the fire of inferno.  They are innocent and helpless and very tender to suffer and die. 😦


It’s three days now since the tragedy happened but still I am emotionally distraught, specially when I see the faces of  these innocent children flashed on TV and featured in newspaper. I don’t know them nor their parents, but the sympathy I felt toward them is very strong.

I could ask; “Why this happened? Should we blame someone or pinpoint fingers to those who are responsible on these.” As they say that, accident happens unexpectedly, and nobody wants it to happen, but if precautionary measures has been done, tragic  incident like this could be avoided.

We have been in Villagio Mall not only once but a dozen times. My 2 kids love to play inside the mall specially Friday morning as there are fewer people and ambience is very cool. The place where the fire started is in a Sports Equipment shop (according to some sources) and above is where the Gympanzee Nursery located. Going to that room you need to enter the narrow hallway and up to the wooden stairs. Since the fire started below, some assumed that the victims weretrapped inside because the wooden stairs burned first. The entrance and the exit was the same and no other exit way just in case situation like this happened. The reason why the firemen need to tear off the roof just to enter and rescue the victims, but sad to say the hours (estimated 1 and half hours) they spent were useless because most of the kids were already dead including 3 teachers. Sad but true, if the management just foresee the unforeseen occurrences, this could have been avoided .

Once and for all, I sincerely offer my prayers and sympathy to the families..

The Second Wife

The tradition they have has given me this confusing thought. A man marrying more than one woman is acceptable, provided both are Muslim. I have no profound idea about the Muslim belief but in a simple thought of the situation I realized that this tradition does not show love toward fellow believers. Why did I bring out this issue, anyway?

A colleague will get marry to a family man. She told me she is very happy because the man already informed his wife and they can get married. I said no words out of her decision but behind my mind, I detest her for what she did. For me, she is selfish and un-sensible woman. How could she be happy when someone behind her is miserable because she took away a husband and a father? How could she truly experience the essence of a wife if she knows she hurt the real one? How could she explain to her future children that their father has another family that she ruined?

I might have been so pessimistic about the situation and got carried away with my thoughts, but realistically speaking, if your going to ask the first wife if she is happy to the second marriage of her husband, you cannot get an answer with a genuine smile, even the children with full of material support from a father. The presence of the husband and father to a family is more precious than any material things. Children who adore the father will be most affected.

I am not in the position to judge the second wife, just that questions of morality always follows to me. If you have empathy toward your fellow, would you let them feel miserable because you want to be happy? What if it will happen to you, how would you feel also? I remember a passage from the bible that said; “Anything you sow, you will reap. You sow goodness and you will reap it. You sow badness; it will come back to you.” This is one of the principles in life that most of the time forgotten by anybody.

Lastly, I really felt sorry for the wife and children who were deprived of chances to live happily with an undivided attention of a father.